Toyota GR Corolla Is A Dream For Racing Fans: Here's Why

Author: Megha

Do people have to celebrate over a vehicle? Take the opinion of motorsport fans. They will claim that the Toyota GR Corolla is worth the celebration. The Toyota GR Corolla is a boosted and fast version of the usual lineup of Corolla cars. It has a lot of updates in performance, a manual transmission without any automatic version, and great styling that goes well with the overall theme of the racing sub-brand of the maker. When the Toyota GR Corolla goes on sale later in the year, it will have a membership to the National Auto Sport Association and instructions for performance driving on the car. The Toyota GR Corolla is the real deal.





The Toyota GR Corolla comes on the back of the Supra sports vehicle. The Corolla hatchback has got the tuner treatment from the performance vehicle division of the brand to create this model. The brand has indeed packed in a lot of power in the car. The brand has already released a similarly performance-tuned version of the Yaris subcompact vehicle in the international markets. The Toyota GR Corolla gets the same engine as that vehicle. The engine has more than 250 horsepower in this car and comes with an all-wheel drive and a manual transmission. In the past few years, the brand has been on a mission to give more vibrancy to its entire lineup with better cars and edgier designs. This car is inspired by its racing genes and should give a boost to those efforts. We are going to see the vehicles in the showroom of the brand before the end of this year.




The Toyota GR Corolla has nearly the same cabin as the usual hatchback of the lineup. But it means a lot of features, soft-touch materials, and great quality of the build. But the car has sports seats and trim. The default equipment has aluminum pedal covers, a push-button start system, an adjustable driver's seat, and ambient lighting in the interiors. The Toyota GR Corolla also has a heated steering wheel, seats, and automatic climate control. It also replaces the base model's cloth with faux-leather and suede upholstery.




Just as the other vehicles provided by this brand, the Toyota GR Corolla comes with the standard default warranty package boosted by a complimentary scheduled maintenance plan of a couple of years. Most of its rivals give such plans to their competing cars. But a few cars, such as the Veloster N, give more value in one more year of free maintenance and a lengthier warranty. All the models of this car also come with a subscription to the National Auto Sport Association for a single year. This includes entry to a high-performance driving class for free.


Tech Features


The Toyota GR Corolla comes with an infotainment display with the default Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. It also has a Wi-Fi hotspot and the ability to use Amazon Alexa. The tech package on most models gives navigation abilities in the dash, a wireless charging pad for your phones, in-dash navigation, and a JBL stereo system with multiple speakers. The brand gives a lot more of the driver-assistance tech by default on a lot of the lineup. The Toyota GR Corolla is quite the same. There are a lot of great technological features that are given together across all the trims and have auto high-beam lamps, cyclist and pedestrian detection, and adaptive cruise control.




The Toyota GR Corolla has a turbocharged engine that makes more than 250 horsepower and the same lb-ft of torque. It has taken the motor from the GR Yaris. But the car has been updated to get more power because of the muffler that has exhaust tips made from stainless steel. Just as vital is that the car comes default with a modern all-wheel-drive system. The drivers can give a lot of power to the rear wheels and adjust them as required. The manual transmission tags and auto rev-matching give power during shifts in the gear. The rear and restricted front differentials are also provided to replace the usual open diffs. They also increase the cornering performance even more. The car has all the bearing to be great for rally drivers.




Even with the sporty models, the present instances of the Toyota GR Corolla do not give great performance or handling. But the powertrain and the suspension make it a great choice in this compact sporty vehicle segment. The top trim comes default with rear and front restricted slip differentials. But the base model does provide that as a choice.




The Toyota GR Corolla is a great moment for enthusiasts driving. This is because of its robust all-wheel-drive system and a strong engine. The car looks set to slide around on a racecourse and turn corners. Usually, such racing cars do not make it to the shores of the United States of America. But the makers have been favorable to the country with this vehicle.

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