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Welcome to Toyota4runners.com. Toyota4runners ( “us,” “we,” “our”) allows you to use its products and services subject to these Terms of Use (“Terms”). By visiting our site, using our products, accessing any content, or signing up for receiving emails, you ( “you,” or “End User”) agree to be bound by these Terms of Use. These terms may be updated from time to time, and you must visit this page often to be informed about these updates. If you do not agree to any part of this Terms of Use, including our use of your information as provided in our Privacy Policy, then you should refrain from using the site, our services, or any content on the site.

Toyota4runners provides access to multiple valuable resources, including used car reviews, new car prices, research, latest car news, top car features, quotes from dealerships, car buying advice, car listings, and links to other related services, including car insurance and financing services. These sites and services might include advertisements. Unless otherwise stated, you agree to these Terms and any other Terms of Service referred therein.

Toyota4runners.com Privacy Policy

Click here to read the Toyota4runners Privacy Policy. When you are using our services or accessing any part of the site, you consent to our use and collection of your information as described in our Privacy Policy.

Toyota4runners Copyright Protection

The Toyota4runners Copyright Protection includes (but is not limited to) website design, content on the site, graphics, logo, text, or any part of the site. If not otherwise stated in this document, you cannot copy, republish, display, download, distribute, transmit, or repost any part of the Toyota4runners material in any form. The data or content available on this website is solely for non-commercial purposes. We only give you permission to review, read, and use the information on the website for making your car buying decision. You are not allowed to delete, edit, or alter, any copyrighted material on the site.

Buying and Selling Vehicles Through Toyota4runners

Toyota4runners provides only information and a listing aimed at bringing together the prospective buyers and sellers. We are not responsible or part of any transaction that takes place between the sellers and buyers, even if they are making choices based on the information on our site. Information about a car may have been obtained from technology-driven tools, data analytics, and data obtained from third parties. Price, features, or any other form of negotiation remains subject to the direct negotiation between the seller and the buyer.

However, we consider that both parties (the buyer & the seller) reaching out to our website have no intention of cheating and treat each other fairly. But, we neither do guarantee nor take responsibility for the information provided by the sellers, nor do we assure sellers about the legitimacy of the payment made by buyers. When you use Toyota4runners to search for buyers for your vehicle or buy a new car, you will be responsible for any decisions made in the process and not us. We urge you to make use of healthy skepticism; it always works.

Listing Your Vehicle on Toyota4runners

Toyota4runners may obtain some additional information when you allow us to list your vehicle for sale on our website; we may also get the additional distribution of your listing through our relationship with other websites. As an added advantage, we might also promote your listing through a third-party website. They might contact you to know more about your ad on their website for commercial purposes, but you are not obliged to entertain them. You must immediately report us if a third party tries to contact you without your permission. The information contained in each listing is the sole responsibility of the seller.

We may sometimes screen the listings before publishing them publicly as a part of combating internet fraud in any form. And that might sometimes lead to delays in publications of your listing. While we do not guarantee the legitimacy of the information provided on the site, we may perform quality checks from time to time to ensure the information on the Toyota4runners is legitimate and is not intended to deceive the buyer. By using our site, you agree to fully cooperate in these quality assurance tests. If, in our quality check, we find that a seller is not abiding by this Terms of Use or any other agreements on the site, we reserve the right to remove them from our listing.

Modifications and Termination of Service

Toyota4runners reserves the right to make changes, update, discontinue, or suspend full or part of the services for any reason without notice. By using our services or accessing any part of the site, you agree that we may terminate your use of our services at any time, in any circumstances, without any prior notice. Some of the reasons for any such termination may include but are not limited to, i) breach of this Term of Use guide or breach of any other guideline on the site or communicated to you by the company ii) a request or rule in place by the enforcement agency or any other government agency iii) Toyota4runners decision to discontinue complete or a part of its services iv) security issues v) any kind of illegal or fraudulent activities. Any termination through any part of your use of the services is made at the sole discretion of Toyota4runners, and you agree that the company will not be liable for any such termination.

Intellectual Property Rights

The site is owned and operated by Toyota4runners. The graphics design, compilation information, design, visual interface, computer code, products, services, content, or all other elements on the website provided by us are protected by the intellectual property and proprietary right, the United States copyright, patent, trademark laws, and all other applicable laws. All materials on the site (excluding any third-party data) are our property or our third-party licensors. Except when you have written consent from us, you agree not to sell, distribute, copy, transmit, perform, display, or create derivative from our work or otherwise make any other unauthorized use of our intellectual property, our third-party licensors, or our affiliated companies. We reserved all rights not explicitly granted in this agreement.

Links to Other Websites

Toyota4runners may provide links to other websites. By using our services and accessing the content on the site, you agree that we are not responsible for the resources and content provided by any other site-linked Toyota4runners. In particular, we are in no way endorsing, promoting, or are responsible for the services or products available on these sites. You further agree that Toyota4runners, under any circumstances, will not be responsible for any loss caused to you whatsoever for any damage in connection with the use of products, services, or the information available on these websites.

Dispute Resolution

You and Toyota4runners agree that in case of any dispute or claim that arises between the two parties in connection with including but not limited to, these terms and conditions or the services, or billing disputes, shall be resolved in small claims court, or final & binding arbitration. In arbitration, there will be no judge, no jury. And the claims shall be resolved by an arbitrator. You and Toyota4runners agree that the arbitrator may award and act in the same way a court of competent jurisdiction could award.

Disclaimer of Warranties

Your use of our services is solely at your own risk. Toyota4runners, its owners, officers, affiliates, partners, employees, or agents do not provide a guarantee that a) the products, services & content on the site will meet all your requirements; b) you will get the services in timely & error-free form always; c) you will always obtain accurate results from the use of our services, products or content; d) the quality of the products, any purchase made from the site, or through the use of our site may not necessarily meet your expectations always; e) any error or discrepancies will be addressed immediately.

In case you have any queries, you can shoot us a mail at support@toyota4runners.com.

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